This pseudonym, chosen to make a small place on the web, probably sums up who I am "Me (FraNçoise) in my bubble (bulle in french)". I have my head in the clouds when it comes to creation!

Are you looking for an original, handmade, unique gift?
Or are you just coming out of curiosity or to dream like you would visit a real gallery?
Enjoy your visit!
Françoise Bernier

How did the story start?

I am completely autodidact in drawing. I have always liked to draw and more or less scribbled in school notebooks: mine, my sister's or sometimes school friends'...

It is a training as "Graphic Designer and Producer" that led me to this adventure.
During my training in DTP (Desktop Publishing) I discovered with great interest the software Photoshop and Illustrator.

At the origin of the story, there is Anatole et Company, little mice born on paper and my computer screen. I perfect the use of softwares with a series of nursery rhymes and a project for an album "Anatole's journey". I had drafts of texts scribbled on scraps of paper: it was an opportunity to illustrate the stories told to my children, those of the little mice who invited themselves into my boys' room every evening. I don't know how they imagined them, but for a while the stories we invented was the essential bedtime ritual.
These projects didn't find publishers (too bad!), but I am very happy to have made them!

Then, quite naturally, I wanted to give volume to these little mice that I liked so much to draw.

I immersed myself with some trial and error in the art of papier mâché! I find the right proportions and the mice invade my house (so to speak, because once finished and photographed they are carefully stored away waiting for other destinies!)
This is the explanation for the presence of all these cute little mice!

Paper and cardboard have become my favourite materials.
I like to give a second life to these modest materials to offer you poetic and fanciful creations.
I like working with paper, having my hands in the wallpaper paste, making something thin, light and strong, not fragile. I love the idea of recycling and handmade with a lot of passion!
I like to offer you objects full of charm and delicacy (sometimes close to the cabinet of curiosities), an invitation to poetry and reverie!

I use acrylic paints, which do not necessarily require varnishing ...
I am very careful not to waste my paints: with the remains of the palette, I paint the tissue papers that will be used to make the decorative patterns of the paper clothes of my little subjects.
And above all, I do not throw the residues into the sewers! Polluting the water of future generations by creating for the little ones, I would be remiss!
So on the sink, three yoghurt pots containing a little water, paper towel (nothing is perfect!) : the brushes are cleaned like this. As for the palette, it will dry layer after layer.

I have chosen to decorate some of my creations with patterns made with punches in the painted tissue papers. It's a bit of my trademark, it takes a lot of time (which justifies the price!), but the result is so nice!

Whether in painting or digital illustration, my work is characterised by pure, vivid colours (sometimes softer), a naive line and flat areas of colour!

My favourite tools: pencil or nib for hand drawing, computer for colouring (or vector illustrations), brushes for acrylic illustrations on kraft paper and paper mache.

My graphic style is rather adapted to the youth world, but not only: I like to vary the subjects and the way of representing them. I like to illustrate everyday life, the environment, childhood, and children's recreational activities.

For some time now, I have uploaded illustrations (clipart) and printables for recreational or DIY activities for you, your children or for school projects (for teachers!) on national and international platforms. It's now in my shop!

My motivation to create: a little touch of nostalgia for this wonderful period of childhood, the little eyes that sparkle and the stories that children are able to invent from next to nothing!

I like to create for the little ones... but as it is often the mums who choose, I hope they will enjoy seeing my work!

It's always a emotion to receive an order that goes far away from home, to prepare a nice gift package, and to have in return a nice compliment that makes very happy (It's also my motivation to continue)!

What else can I say about me?
That I love nature, botany, my garden full of flowers, fruits, perfumes, bees and birds... and all gardens!
That I like listening to baroque music.
That I live between Beaune, Dijon, Chalon-sur-Saône and Dôle, in Burgundy-Franche Comté in France and I work remotely.

Understand your needs and realize for you illustrations or a papier-mâché creation corresponding to your requirements or your desires -and also even a little bit to my style- !
I like the challenge, each time new, to answer a particular request and to know my customer satisfied!

See you again!

Françoise / FraNbulle

A big THANK YOU to my husband who supports me and takes care of the ultra-technical part of the website and the shop.

I don't speak english very well. To traduct i have used, and the online dictionnary !