• Digital Pictures


  • Custom Illustrations

    Offer a unique and original gift that would tell a memory!

    - an illustration for a card or an announcement,

    - a comic strip telling a moment of your life to create a beautiful poster,

    - a personalised illustration for Grandma's, Grandpa's, Mother's or Father's Day or a birthday telling the story of a hobby or passion.

    I draw for you, your story, made to measure: I especially like to create on demand.

    In illustration, I like the clear line: for its simplicity, its coloured flat tints, its modern character, while keeping a realistic aspect... I use a mixed technique: hand drawing, digital colouring for a colourful result. I like to add some light shading to accentuate the idea of relief.

    I also really like vector drawing: more sobriety, with or without outlines and always a lot of colours!

    Don't hesitate to contact me, I'll be happy to answer you!

    I can make a wish come true... I deliver the digital file in the format you want.

  • Printables

    Decorations and boxes to make out of paper!

    Advent calendars or Christmas decorations: snowy villages, including Santa's village, Russian villages or a touch of nostalgia with the theme of vintage seventies toys...

    Pretty Easter or spring decorations: small paper baskets for Easter tree decoration or gifts for your guests to put on the plate.

    Halloween with funny little mice (just for the little ones!) or black cats.

    Printables in colour or to colour in! Available for immediate download.

    Suggestion: If you want to give chocolates (for small gifts for example), the houses can contain a bag of 6 chocolates.

  • Paper Mache

    Second life or metamorphosis of a piece of paper

    An ancestral and popular art!
    Paper paste or glued paper. It is the second technique that I prefer!
    Along with cardboard, it is my favourite raw material: both of them perfectly meet my needs for cutting and "modelling" without any constraints.
    From a drawing the object will take shape...
    No particular concept, except that of creating delicate works and other reveries, imbued with poetry, with modest and simple materials.
    The decorations are glued silk papers. These silk papers are painted with the leftover paint from the palette. There is no waste!
    Poetry and recycling: a nice programme!

  • Cliparts


    You can use these cliparts for :
    - your paper creations: invitation cards, decorations,
    - your digital creations: digital scrapbooking, photo books, image creations with your children,
    - why not your textile creations in printing with transfer sheet,
    - for your birth announcements...

    There are little pirates and pretty princesses, little gardeners and adorable little rabbits, cuddly toys, matriochkas...
    These are .PNG images with a transparent background : they overlap.

    To be used for all occasions : decoration, birthday, or activities with children...

    For family or school use only.
    For commercial use, please contact me.

  • Pictures

    In the children's room

    There are adorable little polar bears.
    The framed bears are illustrations painted on kraft paper. I like the texture of this paper: I like the texture of the kraft paper, the paint is put in an irregular way, and the stripes show through the colour...
    This is the charm of this series: hand-painted pictures, unique pieces that you will not find anywhere else!

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